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Stretch (NEW!)

200ml / 6.8 fl.oz.

Now there’s a product to loosen and lengthen tightly wound curls! This curly hair product has been perfectly formulated to add just the right amount of weight to your curl without feeling stiff, heavy or looking flat, letting them fall looser and longer until your next wash. The lengthening formula wraps around each tendril to deflate puffiness, smooth frizz and prevent pesky curl shrinkage.

Developed with Coconut Oil and an added hydrating complex of Vitamin E, Shae Butter and Soyabean to give your coils the deep full-day hydration it needs. It defines each tendril to create soft, flowing, elongated curls.

How to Use

Apply evenly from roots to ends. Smooth, stretch and detangle with your fingers (not a comb). Allow to dry naturally or use a diffuser pointing downward while stretching curls with your fingertips.

For extra curl definition, apply Stretch to wet hair as directed and then apply Strictly Curls™ Curl Defining Lotion. Twist sections of hair around your fingers while tugging gently. Dry as desired.

Stretch (NEW!) Stretch (NEW!) Watch the Video Demo

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