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Style Straight

“We find that some clients love it when their hair is styled pin-straight, while others like a bit more movement. The one thing they all agree on is hair with maximum shine while soft to the touch.”
– Marc Anthony Stylist Team

Our Style Straight™ Collection is formulated to add body, shine and remove even the most stubborn curl for a smooth, sleek, polished finish. This diverse line has something for each type of straight situation you may need. The unique silicone and silk fibers complex are the core of the line. This formula locks in smoothness and repels humidity so that you stay straight all day long.

Unwind Shampoo

Start your hair on a smooth path.

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Frizz Away Conditioner

Get ready for smooth sailing.

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Instant Straightening Cream

Transforms your hair into silky, smooth, shiny hair in no time.

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Iron Shine

Defend your hair against your hot tools.

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Secret Silk Frizz Away Serum

It’s the perfect product to transform dull, dry frizzy locks into supple, silky hair that shines.

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Blow Straight Potion

This will transform your hair into silky, smooth, shiny hair without the need for a flat iron.

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