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“It’s amazing! Literally, from the basement of my original Marc Anthony Salon came a line of professional hair products so renowned that they can now be found internationally. Marc Anthony products began because we wanted to ensure that all of our clients kept their salon-fresh look wherever they went. Our products are ultimately tailored to our clients’ needs. From curly hair products to create curly hair styles and frizz control, to hair thickening products to create high volume and hold, we have the right product for Your Hair, Your Way.”

“For a cut to sit well, hair has to be in great shape. Hair needs to move, be manageable and have shine to look amazing. That’s why Marc Anthony products have the highest caliber ingredients.”

“On top of working with some of the topmost chemists, our largest point of difference is how we test the products. Our salons are where each product passes or fails. Our International Team of celebrity hair stylists put each product through its paces. We stand behind our brands because we use them in our salons each and every day. That’s the Marc Anthony True Professional difference.”

Marc Anthony

- Marc Anthony

Hair Product Spotlight

Professional Hair Products – Pro Finish Ultimate Hold Hairspray

You go to the professionals to get your hair cut, why not bring the professionals home? Now you can with Marc Anthony’s line of professional hair products. These professional hair products are like having a stylist in a bottle!

The Pro Finish Ultimate Hold Hair Spray is one of Marc Anthony’s most popular professional hair products. Formulated with hydrolyzed silk, its natural firm hold creates that sleek, silky hair feel without the stickiness! Never before has a line of professional hair products been catered to every hair type.

Curly Hair Products – Strictly Curls Curl Defining Shampoo

Are your curls, curl-less? Transform your dull mane with Marc Anthony’s line of curly hair products! Never before has a line of curly hair products been this dedicated to your hair care needs.

Start your curls off right with the Curl Defining Shampoo. Simply massage into damp hair, rinse and repeat as needed. Follow up with our Strictly Curls Frizz Sealing Conditioner for a soft, shiny manageable look. Whether your curls are dry, dreary or flat, Marc Anthony’s curly hair products will rescue your do!

Frizzy Hair Products - Strictly Curls Frizz Sealing Conditioner

On a good hair day, frizzy hair is public enemy no. 1. Don’t risk your look any longer with Marc Anthony’s frizzy hair products. The frizzy hair products line consists of shampoos, conditioners and styling products dedicated to keeping your locks in line.

Try the Frizz Sealing Conditioner to eliminate tangles and repel the humidity. Enriched with Soya Bean, Shea butter and Sunflower Seed Oil the frizz sealing conditioner protects your curls so they can withstand any hair-raising condition.

Dry Shampoo Products from Marc Anthony

Whether you pushed the "snooze" button one too many times on your alarm and slept in or are hurrying to save time in the locker room or before a night out, dry shampoo is your solution! Often times, when beating the clock, shampooing hair in the traditional method is just not an option. A dry shampoo and the ease of use is a great suitable alternative solution. Modern, busy women swear by dry shampoos! When your hair appears greasy, it’s usually just the roots (close to the scalp) that need to be refreshed. Dry shampoos work wonders at reviving your day-old style, soaking up oil, masking odours and amping up volume—no water required. If you’re strapped for time and don’t have time to wash your hair and you need to freshen up your locks dry shampoo serves as a fantastic solution. Grab Marc Anthony’s dry shampoo and fake your way to a perfectly washed hair day!

Beach Hair Products - Hold Onto Beach Style Hair All Year Long

Summer is coming to an end, but beach hair is still riding high on the wave of style! Hold on to this sexy beach hair style all year long, it's as easy as a day at the beach. To transition this look from beach into fall fashion think "polished." This sexy look for the beach was tousled and windblown. For fall, it gets all dressed up with beach hair products with ultra shine and a little refinement. To keep your beach hair style lasting for days, use a wet set. First, shampoo and condition your hair before bed and towel dry and brush your hair. Evenly distribute our ‘Beach Spray’ to your hair from roots to ends, in even sections throughout your hair while scrunching. Next, apply our "Moisture Gloss" to small sections of your hair to smooth your curls, tame frizz, and give shape and shine. Lastly, scrunch your hair while following-up with our ‘Pro Finish’ Hair Spray for all day hold. Follow these easy steps and this will keep your fall beach hair locks in super shiny easy-to-manage shape! After all, your hairstyle is an accessory to the inner beauty within you!